What Are The Benefits For A Hotel?

A Hotel that is featured on this website is sending a message to travelers, that they care for their guest satisfaction.

First two months are free! Minimal charges apply after the trial period.

Primary benefit is to gain access to a traveler preferences account and have a unique opportunity to tailor make their stay based on their preferences.

Secondary benefit is the possibility to submit Hotel promotions based on the survey questions targeting your exact market. Offers will be viewed by travelers that answered your filtered questions. They will be viewed on their profile. A traveler can also search for all activated offers of a specific hotel, prior to making a reservation.

Please note this is not a booking website.


How Do Travelers Communicate Their VIP ID To The Hotel Before They Arrive?

If your Hotel is already registered, a traveler can contact you using a ready to use form on his VIP Account.

If your Hotel is not registered, a traveler can choose any other method of communication. Needless to say, being registered simplifies the channel of communication.


Once We Access A Future Guest VIP ID, What Do We Do?

You have 365 days access from the first entry. You will view all the answers that a traveler submitted when they created their profile.

A preference profile consists of four categories, which are:

  • Profile Information
  • In Room Preferences,
  • Food and Beverage Preferences
  • General Information

The survey is extremely detailed. It is up to your Hotel what information can be used to tailor make your guest stay.


We Are Short Of Ideas On How To Use The Preferences Of Our Next Guest?

Our aim is to make this unique tool a success and ultimately help you in win your customers. VIP My Stay will have a showcase at the bottom of your account, with inspirations of how to use the information.

If you do not find what you are looking for, we are here to assist in making your Hotel stand out. Let us know what you are after and we will be more than glad to give our input.


What Are The Expectations Of A VIP Traveler Arriving At Our Hotel?

Travelers are advised that it is entirely up to the Hotel which preferences will be used to tailor make their stay. We understand that you are running a business, so the preferences survey has been designed in a way that you can use to:

  • Increase revenues through up selling – you get to know exactly what your guest likes, making it easier to target the right product/service and their spending power.
  • Decrease your daily requests by preparing their stay according to their liking.
  • Enhance recognition program by using the name photo feature.
  • Reduce the amount of wastage in welcome amenities by preparing what the guest actually enjoys.
  • Assign the right room from the start.

And much more….


Where Do We Find Our Activated Hotel Offers On The Website?

A Hotel offer is displayed on a VIP Traveler account that answered the survey questions you have chosen. All activated offers can be found when a VIP Traveler clicks on your Hotel name from his account.


Do We Need To Buy Silver Crowns For Every Offer?

Your yearly membership includes the submission of 50 Hotel Offers with a maximum of 100 clicks.

Offers will be displayed as mentioned above. When a traveler clicks on one of your offers, your silver crown balance will reduce by 1 Crown. Once your first 100 clicks are consumed, top up credit from your account by choosing one of the packages. 

The basic package allows unlimited offer submission for a maximum of 100 clicks. Once the 100 clicks are consumed, your Hotel needs to top up account in order for your offers to remain visible.


Do We Need To Buy Gold Crowns For Every VIP ID We Access?

Your yearly membership includes access to 20 Customer Profiles. Once first credit is consumed, top up credit as necessary for the remaining months by choosing one of the available packages. 

Once you access a VIP ID, you have 365 days to view it as many times as you need.