Win Guest Loyalty & Retention

Truly Learn Who Your Guest Is Prior To Arrival

Understand the value of each customer by learning data such as line of work, traveling budgets, frequency and preferred month of traveling.


Create A Personalized Travel Experience

You only get one chance once stay to create a lasting impression. Wow your guest by welcoming them with their favored fruit. Serve them their customary evening beverage or warm beverage. 

Gain Valuable Insight & Feedback

Receive detailed information on preferred room location and set up, wifi usage, preferred newspaper and much more. These turn a satisfactory guest review into an outstanding rating.


Streamlined Guest Management

Increase Guest Direct Contact Opportunities

Would you like more information on third party bookings? Easy, make a link to on your website with a "Before You Arrive" message. Entice every website visitor to share their profile with you.

Using Big Data To Achieve Operational Excellence

Improve efficiency in your day to day operations by reducing room moves, guest requests, wastage and increase your bottom line.

Create Lasting Relations With Guests

It's all about creating a successful customer relationship program that focuses on unique and memorable experiences. 


New Business Opportunities

Upsell Guests Based On Potential

Increase the effectiveness of Front Office and Food and Beverage up selling techniques by targeting guests based on spending power and wishes. Promote your executive suite upon check in to a guest that is willing to pay more for an enhanced room.

Differentiate From Your Competition

Customers buy an emotion and are in general willing to pay more for a better experience.Stand out from the crowd and start adding value to every hotel stay by turning a fit to all service to a more personal unique experience.

Target The Right Guest At The Right Moment

Reach out to new business through our highly targeted hotel promotions. Send your summer promotions to travelers with a specific budget, books two months in advance and travels with spouse. Countless filtering possibilities.