VIP My Stay is changing the hospitality service from a standard ‘one size fits all’ to a tailor-made experience with...

  • the expected room
  • the preferred pillow
  • the personalized offer for recreation
  • that perfect breakfast in bed

and much more...

Remodel And Streamline Today's Hospitality Services

We believe that any Hotel can turn an average stay into a memorable one, when expectations are met or even exceeded. Knowledge is the key.

Create Better Value For Travelers And Hotels Alike

Working in the hospitality industry as well as traveling on business and leisure, we recognize the importance of being valued and individually cared for.

Enhance Hotels' Quality Of Service And Customer Relations

VIP My Stay is the communication link between Travelers and Hotels, closing the gap that leads to unnecessary disappointments and unfulfilled wishes – a tool that creates true loyalty.

Join VIP My Stay and discover the possibilities...